Vice President's Report


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers



      With the new year brothers and sisters, brings new goals and commitments for us as letter carriers.


      We now have an administration that is letter carrier friendly. We as leaders must continue to keep our members informed about how legislation affects our jobs.


      With the pandemic making us change the way we normally train and educate our members about legislation; leaders of local branches throughout the state have had to train and educate the membership through virtual means.

      Programs like Webex and Zoom are popular tools that are being used to educate the membership during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are a branch that has yet to utilize one of these programs for your monthly branch or steward meetings, give State President, Carl Blassingame a call and he can assist you with setting up meetings with your branch.


      As leaders of our branches, let us commit to bring more political education to our members. Reach one teach one.




      The Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF) has helped us secure a letter carrier friendly House and Senate.

As leaders, we should all commit to educating more of our members of the importance of donating to our political fund. There is constant legislation being introduced on the hill that is both letter carrier friendly and not so letter carrier friendly at times. Donating to our political fund gives letter carriers a “voice” to our congressional leaders so they will vote for letter carrier friendly legislation.


      As a local branch leader, you should set goals to make sure that the branch leadership is leading by example by contributing to LCPF.


      In my own branch (2184), I am proud to say that my entire leadership of my branch (officers and stewards), are all contributing to LCPF. My goal as Vice President of the State Association to assist my fellow state officers in educating the letter carriers of the great state of Michigan on the importance of legislation in our jobs and to have more members participating in donating to LCPF.




      We will keep you all updated on future training and events. Stay safe, wear a mask and social distance when possible.


In unionism,


-- Walter McGregory

Vice President



March 2021