Vice President's Report


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers



      Every day brothers and sisters we hear of more and more confirmed cases and in some in-stance’s deaths from this pandemic.

      As an active carrier going to work every day to service my customers, I too am scared when I leave my home each day to go to the Postal Service.

      I take some comfort in knowing that I can pull out my smart phone to see what the NALC’s position is on how to deal with this virus. I have the NALC App on my phone and when I tap the NALC icon, it takes me to the NALC home page, and I type in COVID-19 in the search bar. I then have the option to visit the Director of Safety and Health, Manuel L. Peralta’s page which has a ton of information for Letter Carriers to utilize daily dealing with this Covid-19 virus.

      There is also a link to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) website with guide-lines that we all should be following.

      NALC is with you while you are out on your routes representing the USPS on the front lines as an essential worker.

      The NALC App is available for use 24 hours a day seven days a week. It has all of the latest information regarding your job and your safety. If you need information about the latest leave that may be available to you as a government worker, you can find it on this app. Just type in the search bar any word or phrase for a particular topic and you will be taken directly to what you are looking for. This app is very user friendly.




      I have been notified by the MDA officials in the state of Michigan that the annual Camp Sherman and Camp Cavell events have been canceled for everyone’s safety due to Covid-19. Camp Sher-man was scheduled for June 13, 2020 thru June 18, 2020 and Camp Cavell was scheduled for June 27, 2020 thru July 2, 2020.

      I want to thank all that participated in raising money for MDA in 2019. There is a 2019 MDA Honor Roll in the April 2020 Postal Record that shows what each branch raised for MDA. In 2019, the state of Michigan had a great year! We raised a grand total of $114,826.33 combined for the state of Michigan for MDA! You all are winners for your participation in helping to raise money so that we can one day “Deliver the Cure” for this disease.




      Right now, brothers and sisters, our employer is in a fight for survival. There is no easy way to say it, we cannot continue as a company without assistance from the government during this Covid-19 pandemic. Pay close attention to who has the USPS’s best interest at heart. There are some that want to see us privatized! Take the time and do the research. A good place to start is this month’s Postal Record (April 2020) on pages 7 thru 17. One major candidate failed to respond to the request to present his Postal Platform (position as it relates to the Postal Service).

      I urge you to vote for “BLUE”, that is Postal Blue. Vote for the candidate that is in support of a future for the USPS. We all have our hot button issues, however, we as Letter Carriers need to support our employer. Don’t let a hot button issue put you in the unemployment line. Our choice is simple, one candidate supports the Postal Service and our positions. The other candidate couldn’t even respond to the survey to give his position on the Postal Service and has in the past supported privatizing the USPS.

      As a Letter Carrier, the choice is simple for me, I am voting for the candidate that supports the Postal Service and our positions. That candidate is JOE BIDEN.

      We will get through these tough times together brothers and sisters; but we must do our part. Keep safe and keep in touch, use your NALC App for the latest news.


-- Walter McGregory

Vice President



May 2020