Treasurer's Report

Catherine Tondreau


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

I would like to thank all the delegates that were at the 2023 state convention at Motor City Casino and Resort for their support in re-electing me to another term as your Treasurer of the State Association.


Speaking of voting, while I know the presidential election is not until next year, campaigning has already started on both sides. We know we want to elect letter carrier friendly candidates, but we also need to thoroughly research these candidates to make sure they will vote for other issues that are also important to us, women rights, education, environmental issues, health care, etc.


While everyone has their own view on a woman’s right to choose, think if they take this away what else can they take away? The right to vote, the right to bear arms? Make sure your candidate is well informed and they are not someone who has been in office for several terms, being a career politician, out of touch with what real life is like for their constituents. They have their retirement plan and health care coverage in place, but do they really care about yours?


Let’s do what is right for this country and vote in someone who will look out for the American public and not their own self interests. We have many to choose from. Again, as it gets closer to election day make sure you check out the candidate’s website to see their views on the issues that are important to you, as a parent, a sibling, a letter carrier and simply a concerned citizen.


On another note, think seriously about giving to the letter carrier political fund, or increasing your current contribution.


In Solidarity,


-- Catherine Tondreau


July 2023