Secretary's Report


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

      This will serve as the official annual report of the Michigan State Association. Based on December 2020 information received from the National NALC Secretary-Treasurer Member-ship Department.


      The MISALC had a total of 6,862 Active members, 3,087 Retired members and 818 Retired Lifetime members, for a total of 10,767 Members.


Michigan had 2 branch mergers in 2020:

Branch 3477, Bronson merged with Branch 246, Kalamazoo

Branch 4779, Allen Park merged with Branch 2184, Western Wayne County




      Branch Secretaries need to mail the delegate cards to the State Association by March 15. The State Association will need an email address for each delegate so you may receive an invitation to the April 11th Webex nominations meeting.


      We are grateful that our National Business Agent, Troy Clark has volunteered to help the State Association with this online meeting.



      We ask that Branch Presidents have a plan to help any delegate that is not tech savvy so they are able to attend the nominations meeting.


      Notice to Branch Presidents: The form indicating whether your branch will vote by bloc or division is due back to the MISALC by April 17. The date on the form is an oversite and did not allow the branches time to caucus with your delegates. Please include the mailing address for the ballot(s) whether you are voting in bloc or dividing your votes so the election committee can get the ballots mailed out early in May.


      Remember this is new to all of us so please have patience as we move through this process.


-- Jane Grant





March 2021