Secretary's Report


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

      This will serve as the official annual report of the Michigan State Association Based on December 2019 information received from the National NALC Secretary-Treasurer Membership Department.


      The MISALC had a total of 7,145 Active members, 3,036 Retired members and 772 Retired Life-time members, for a total of 10,953 Members. There were no branch mergers in 2019.




      As I write this article, I am grieving the loss of one of my co-workers to Covid-19. This man started as a CCA and moved into a supervisory position. He was one of the good guys and will be missed in our office.


      I urge all of you to wear your masks and abide by the 6’ distancing rule. This insidious virus is a real danger that we must take seriously, while not becoming paranoid.


      I encourage all members to check the website daily for new information on Covid-19. Our Director of Safety and Health, Manuel Peralta has all of the Covid-19 safety talks listed by date on his page. Hold your management accountable for giving these talks in your office in a timely manner.


      Please remember all the other safety rules still apply while we are distracted with this virus. We still wear our seatbelts, shut our doors, turn off our vehicles if we are not seated at the wheel and of course we must not let our vehicles run away!




      Once again we are in a fight to save our company! I know it is easy to say “Oh I’ve heard this before” but believe me it is Dedicated NALC Members that lead these fights every time and that is why we still have our jobs and benefits!


      Every NALC member must join this fight and contact your representatives today, every day! The USPS MUST be part of the next STIMULUS PACKAGE to survive this pandemic! Our company should be given the same help from our government as every other corporation in the United States. I will give you the tools below and you can step up to save over 600,000 middle class Postal Service Jobs!



-- Jane Grant





May 2020