President's Report


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

      As the 117th Congress begins, we must continue to focus on the Bills that are in Washington that affect letter carriers and the Postal Service. As of today, we have:


H. Res. 109 (Door to Door Delivery) 57 Co-sponsors (46 Democrats-11 Republicans)

H. Res. 47 ( Oppose Postal Privatization) 113 Co-sponsors (102 Democrats-11 Republicans)

H. Res. 114 (Six Day Delivery) 4 Co-sponsors (2 Democrats-2 Republicans)

H. Res. 695 (Repeal of the Prefunding) 242 Co-sponsors (206 Democrats- 36 Republicans)

H. Res. 82 (Repeal Social Security’s WEP and GPO provisions). 65 (43 Democrats-22 Republicans)

H. Res. 119 (Service Standards) 7 Co-sponsors (4 Democrats- 3 Republicans)

Senate Bill 145 (USPS Fairness) 7 Co-sponsors (4 Democrats- 3 Republicans)


      While the Postal Service has more support in the House and Senate and we now have support in the White House. Letter carriers still need to contact their representatives and ask for their support on these bills that affect not only the Postal Service but letter carriers across this country. It does not matter what your political affiliation is or your views, it is about the survival of the Postal Service and the benefits we fought so hard for.


      Let us not forget that Louis DeJoy, Postmaster General, appears to be looking for way to destroy the Postal Service by slowing down mail processing and raising prices for our customers. The service to our customers has never been so poor. Our Democratic leaders are pushing President Biden to fill the (4) open governing board seats with postal friendly people to block DeJoy’s plans and possibly unseat him as well.


      When I look back on this past presidential election. I am impressed at the number of Americans who allowed their vote to be their voice and head our country in a new direction. Unfortunately, the actions after the election have raised some concern about where we are as a country. The lies about a fraudulent election and false claims that it was stolen, spread across the country not only by the Trump campaign but some GOP Representatives, news channels, radio shows and other social media platforms. This election was proven time after time to be the safest and most accurate election ever.


      Because of the lies and false information given to the American people about this election, it caused an insurrection that caused death and destruction in our nation’s capital on January 6, 2021. These actions could have destroyed our democracy in this country. Rioters storming the halls of the Capitol building, harming our Capitol Police putting our Representatives in danger. They threatened to hang Vice President Pence be-cause he fulfilled his Constitutional duty that day. This takes losing to a whole different level. The actions on January 6, 2021, truly shows we are a country divided. It is my hope that this new administration finds ways to turn the temperature down so our country can heal and the hatred can get placed aside.


      It was a difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Michigan State Convention due to the pandemic. There were several issues that the State Association had to take into consideration. First was the safety and health of our members and guests. As we discussed trying to move the convention to the fall of 2021 we continued to struggle with the unknown. How do you bring 230 to 250 delegates together and guarantee the ability to keep them socially distanced? Would we have the Covid-19 vaccine by the fall and would we be sufficiently vaccinated in time for the convention? We also needed to deal with whether or not we would be able to gather in large groups due to state mandatory lockdowns. We had to look at our fiduciary responsibility to the State Association too. We do sign a contract with our convention site/hotel, which we agree to fill a certain number of hotel rooms and agree to a budget for food based on our expected number of guests. This is where the unknown shows up again. What if we do have the ability to hold the convention but our members don’t show up because they aren’t comfortable? The State Association would be responsible for empty rooms and a minimum catering cost, which can be a pretty high price. Taking all of this into consideration we felt we should cancel. Now for some good news, we are fortunate to have a great relationship with Motor City Casino and were able to cancel the convention without penalty. We look forward to seeing the delegates for nominations on April 11th and in 2023 for the state convention.


      Finally, as we cope with living in this pandemic and how it has changed the way we work, shop, attend funerals, visit seniors in nursing homes, family gathering, attend Church, and virtual learning, the list is long. We do not know what the future holds in this pandemic and our way of life as we once knew. The Michigan State association will continue to follow the guidelines from our Governor concerning social gatherings and to focus on the safety and welfare of our members and their families.


--Carl E Blassingame, Jr.




March 2021