President's Report


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

      There are only two issues that the NALC is focused on at this time. The SAFETY of our MEMBERS and the need to get the USPS into the next STIMULUS PACKAGE! The mem-bers of this union must lead the fight to get this message out to our representatives! If the USPS does not get money from the next stimulus package, the USPS will be financially crippled by the end of September and will probably not be able to recover. Every other corporation in the United States is receiving government funding to survive this pandemic and the USPS must be supported too!


      This is not a partisan political issue, this is an American issue! The United States Postal Service is a national treasure that does so much more than just deliver the mail! There are over 600,000 USPS employees that are in jeopardy of losing their middle class wages and benefits. This isn’t hype to scare you, it is fact and we need you to act.


      There is nothing more important today than the health of you and your family and sending an email or calling your representatives about saving your employer, the United States Postal Service!


      The NALC has made this simple on the NALC APP and NALC.ORG. On your cellphone just go to the notifications in your app and click on Action Needed, at the bottom of the page enter your name and zip code as prompted. On just click the Action Needed box at the top of the page and it will prompt you to enter your name and zip code. You can then send an email, call, or print letters to your representatives. Do it daily we must flood them with the message that they must save the United States Postal Service!


      Your family cannot use the NALC app but they can make the phone calls and let their representatives know they want the USPS in the next stimulus package.


      As NALC members we know we have power in numbers. We have saved our company in the past and we can do it now! So don’t wait, do it right now! It only takes a few minutes. We need EVERY MEMBER INVOLVED.


      At the end of this newsletter I have included communications from our National President, Fred Rolando. Please take the time to read this important information.


      Are we at our new normal? Is social distancing the way of life in the future? Is this what our grand-kids and their kids face growing up? Covering their face and hands, standing six feet from each other? Not being able to play with family and friends at a playground or parks? Having to be home schooled to avoid having contact with other kids or teachers to avoid getting the virus? Wiping down everything we bring home from the store or work? Taking off our clothes at the door before entering our home? Having to take a shower before we can be around our kids at home to ensure they are safe from whatever we may have brought home?


      What about going to the grocery store where we must follow the arrows for the one way aisles or standing six feet from the person in front of you in line? Not being allowed to place your items on the counter until after the person in front of you has finished? So many questions about our new way of life.


      As of May 3, 2020, the number of Covid-19 cases is 1,122,486 and deaths 65,735, these numbers continue to climb. Is there an end to this pandemic? How many more lives will be lost to this virus? How long will the essential employees have to work every day not knowing if they have contracted the virus and may be taking it home to their families and loved ones?


       What about those who have lost their jobs because of this pandemic, the uncertainty not knowing when or if they can go back to work? The uncertainty on how to put food on the table, pay their bills, mortgage and rent. As some begin to suffer with anxiety and depression with the stay home, stay healthy, stay safe order that has been placed on this country and the State of Michigan. We all must follow what the medical experts are saying and what the Governor has asked us to do during this pandemic to save lives, including our own.


      If you or anyone in your home is having problems coping during this pandemic please call EAP-4-YOU.


      This is a benefit set up for you by your employer, so take advantage of it. You are not alone, help is only a phone call away.



--Carl E Blassingame, Jr.




May 2020