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Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

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Open Season Dates:


November 14, 2022 - December 12, 2022

2023 Open Season Brochures, Mailers and Slideshow

2023 Benefits


NALC Health Benefit Plan - Upgrade Your Health to a Union That Delivers!


Choosing the proper health insurance plan is a huge decision for most individuals and families. Finding the right combination of affordable cost and comprehensive coverage can be a daunting task. We invite you to consider the 2022 NALC Health Benefit Plan High Option.



2023 NALC Health Benefit Plan brochure


2023 Benefits At-A-Glance (High Option)


2023 Medicare Benefits At-A-Glance (High Option)


2023 Booklet (High Option)


2023 Booklet (CDHP/Value Option)


2023 Rx Booklet (High Option)


2023 High Option Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)


2023 CDHP Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)


2022 Value Option Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)



Prescription Drug Publications Effective January 2023


Formulary Drug List


Advanced Control Specialty Formulary


Medications Requiring Prior Authorization for Medical Necessity


Formulary Drug List with Advanced Control Specialty Formulary