Grievance Starters


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

Grievance Starters with Issue Statements


Article 1

Mgmt Performing Craft Work


Article 5 & 19

No Lunch - Improper Denial of Temp Change of Schedule


Article 5, 19 & 34

False Editing Clock Rings


Article 7

Crossing Crafts

 Aux Route Conversion



Article 8

Daily OT Violation

60 Hour Rule

Guaranteed Time - FTR


Article 10, 19 & 30

Annual Leave Request Denied After Career For 90 Days

Article 12

 Excessing - Improper Placement of Clerk

 Retreat Rights - Failure to Offer - Comparative Work Hour Report


Article 12 & 15

Improper Withholding - Carrier Technician Job

Improper Withholding - Non-Carrier Technician Job

 NTFT Clerk Improperly Excessed to Full-Time Letter Carrier Position


Article 15

DOIS - M-01664 - Improper Recording of Time Data

 DOIS - M-01664 - Volume Not Recorded Accurately

Failure to Comply with Grievance Settlement

Failure to Meet Formal A

 Failure to Meet Informal A


Non-Compliance - Arbitration Award

Non-Compliance - MOU Full-Time Opportunities - No Withholding

 PET - Improper Use

Signing Local Forms


Article 15 & 19

 Unauthorized Overtime Improperly Recorded

Locally Developed or Modified Forms

Article 16

Letter of Warning - Unauthorized Overtime

Notice of Removal - Improper Citation of Past Elements - Unsafe Driving Practices

Emergency Suspension - Unsafe Driving Practice


Article 17

Failure to Provide Steward Time

Weingarten Rights Violation


Article 17 & 31

Failure to Provide Information or Interviews


Article 19

Act of God - Denial of Administrative Leave - Generic

Act of God - Denial of Administrative Leave - Hurricane
DPS Work Methods - Carrying More Than 3 Bundles-Park and Loop

Failure to Provide 3996 When Requested

PM Office Duties - Improper  Instructions to Not Complete

Article 25

Failure to Award Temp Vacant T-6  Assignment to FT Volunteer


Article 28

Letter of Demand


Article 29

Driving Privileges Improperly Revoked


Article 41

 204b in Excess of 4 Months

Career Improperly Removed from Opt

Career Not Allowed to Opt

 Career Not Maintaining Opt Hours

Failure to Post Full-Time Reserve Position

Improper Reversion of Full-Time Assignment

Improper Reversion of Full-Time Reserve Assignment

Working off the Clock

Failure to Provide 1723 for 204b

 Improper Placement on Seniority Roster


Article 41 & 30

 Failure to Timely Post Vacant Assignment


ESAS (Expedited to Street/Afternoon Sortation)

Article 5 - 19 Change to local breke

Article 8 - Out of Schedule pay

Article 19 - Casing SPRs - Reversing a letter

Article 19 - DPS Work methods - Carrying more than 3 bundles- park and loop

Article 19 - Failure to provide 3996 When requested

Article 19 - Form 1571 failing to provide

Article 19 - Line 20 personal time

Article 19 - PM Office duties - Improper instructions to not complete

Article 19 - Proper handling of accountables

Article 19 - Volume improperly recorded M01664

Article 41.1.C.4 - Instructed to work off bid assignment





 COP Terminated

 Failure to Process COP

Failure to Provide Form CA-1

Failure to Provide Form CA-2

 Failure to Provide Form CA-16

Failure to Provide Health  Benefit Refund

Improper Contact With a  Physician

Light Duty - Failure to Provide

 Limited Duty - Employee Put in Standby Room

 Limited Duty Withdrawn



CCA Separation

CCA Term Less Than 360 Days

CCA Daily Workhour Limitations

CCA Guaranteed Time

 CCA Assigned Rural Work

CCA Temp Loan - Non Compliance - M-01827

CCA Loaned - PS Form 1723 Not Provided

CCA Uniform Allowance Not Provided Timely

CCA Improperly Removed from Opt

 CCA Not Allowed to Opt

CCA Not Maintaining Opt Hours



 CCA Worked Before PTF Makes 40 Straight-Time Hours

Failure to Convert PTF

PTF Guaranteed Time

Improper Withholding - Carrier Technician - Failure to Convert PTFs

Improper Withholding - Failure  to Convert PTFs

Full-Time Flexible - Maximization MOU - Failure to Create Position and Convert

PTF Improperly Removed from Opt

PTF Not Allowed to Opt

PTF Not Maintaining Opt Hours

 Full-Time Flexible - Failure to Create Position and Convert


Route Adjustments

Minor - Failure To Review Minor Route Adjustments

Minor - Minor Adjustments


Route Inspections

 Before - Dry-Run Conducted Improperly

Before - Improper Drawing of 7 Random Weeks for Form 1840-B

Before - Improper Unit and Route Review

 Before - Inspection Schedule Not Posted Timely

Before - Union Not Timely Notified of the  Inspection

Before - Unsatisfactory Conditions Not  Corrected

During -  Request to Verify Mail Count Denied

During - Management Completing 1838C on More Than One Day

After - Improper Review of Route Adjustments

 After - Improper Route Evaluation and Adjustment

  Special Route Inspection Not Completed  Timely or at All

Consolidated Casing

Mgmt Performing Craft Work

Change to local break

Crossing Crafts

CCA Daily Workhour Limitations

 Out of Schedule Pay

 60 Hour Rule

DPS - Secondary Address Mail Not in Delivery Order

Failure to Comply with Grievance Settlement

Casing SPRs - Reversing a Letter

COR  Route Adjustments - M-01661 M-01859

DPS Work Methods - Carrying More Than 3 Bundles-Park and Loop

Failure to Provide 3996 When Requested

Form 1571 Failing to Provide

FSS Work Methods - Carrying More Than 3 Bundles-Park and Loop

Improper Throwback Case Separations

Line 20 Personal Time

PM Office Duties - Improper  Instructions to Not Complete

Proper Handling of Accountables

Special Route Inspection - Adjustment Not Completed Timely or at All

Volume Improperly Recorded M01664

Failure to Timely Post Vacant Assignment

Working off the Clock

Instructed to Work Off Bid Assignment