Executive Board Report


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

Matt Tanner, Chairperson


Hello sister and brother Michiganders.


      Hopefully by the time you’re reading this we are able to get back to some sort of a normal life. First, I would like to shake…nope maybe elbow…nope give you all an air hug from 6ft away. I hope you and your families are all safe.

      They say we all learn from our toughest times. Some of the things I have learned is that most people still care for one another. When faced with some pretty tough issues, most answer the call to help one another (well unless it involved toilet paper). I am pretty impressed at how Letter Carriers stepped up and help continue doing what we do. Yes, on a daily basis, different problems came up and for the most part we got it done. THANK YOU!

      At the time I am writing this Bernie has officially removed himself from the Presidential election. So as we turn our focus to November our options are becoming more clear. Either continue with someone that is trying to eliminate our jobs or vote for a change. We must all make it a priority to get out and vote and remind our family and friends.

      Also, as a reminder, remember Michigan is now a no excuse absentee voting state. Meaning you don’t need a reason to have your ballot mailed to your house. Not having to worry about get-ting to the polls on November 3rd and providing more business at the PO. Now with all this Covid stuff, there is a serious talk going around about making it a law to vote by mail. This would be a huge win for us at the Postal Service. So PLEASE if you haven’t yet Google search “vote by mail Michigan”. Print out the application and mail it to your local clerks office. The process is so simple. Once you fill out the app, there is an option to have all future ballots mailed to you. Doing this from home allows you to sit in the comfort of your house and research as you’re voting. Then you are making a 100% informed decision. And did I say this gives us more business?

      Again, I just want to thank everyone for stepping up. Hopefully, this will help us in our contract negotiations and even help us in Washington DC. Maybe now they will finally realize how important we are. Looks like our worlds will possibly change, at least in the short term. But like I said, I have personally seen that no matter the challenge….We will deliver!!


PS: great time to sign up for LCPF!! Call anytime, will help you get signed up! 810-444-5286. Elections will be here before you know it. This money is used to protect our jobs.


Don Karl


      The political season is upon us and we are all bombarded by ads, donation requests, and political “advice”. Legislative “experts” are coming out of the woodwork. Add COVID-19 into the mix and it gets really interesting. I hear people speak as if the’re experts telling me who to vote for, speaking as if they’re medical doctors telling me how COVID-19 should be handled, and legal experts telling me what the government can legally do. The truth is these people are usually spreading misinformation that does far more damage than good. I suspect many of us fall into a trap of embracing these so-called experts when their views support our vision of things. Let us be honest with ourselves about what we really know. If we are going to find common ground it is through facts and genuine dialogue. That means we must embrace all facts, even the inconvenient ones. That is where we will find common ground.

      I would encourage you go to www.NALC.org under government affairs tab regularly. It provides reliable information that directly affects your job. Currently they have information on the USPS need for a stimulus package. They also discuss attempts to deal with the prefunding fiasco. Please use this information and contact your senators and congressional representatives. Your voice matters.

      Jason Dekker, Letter Carrier Congressional Liaison, District 2 and I met with Congressman Amash’s Chief of Staff to discuss our issues. I expected resistance because the Congressman has not been a big supporter. We quickly discovered the chief of staff had two uncles who work for the Postal Service and he was very knowledgeable and understanding about our issues. After a good talk we now have a rapport with each other. I do not expect it will result in any major support from Congressman Amash’s office, but this is where it begins. One conversation at a time. In the end that is what it comes down to. We must use our voices to push our issues. The Postal Service is in real financial danger. Our jobs are not as secure as they once were. It is time we fight to fix the prefunding. It is time we fight to get the aid that is necessary during the Covid-19 epidemic while we are on the front lines delivering to our customers.

      Knowledge of these issues empowers us, voicing that knowledge is how we use that power. Let’s give to the Letter Carrier Political Fund (LCPF) and contact our representatives. I promise you our competitors are voicing their interests.


Tom Minshall


      Greetings Brothers and Sisters. As I write this spring is upon us which is normally a refreshing time for Letter Carriers. The sun shines, the bird chirps and we whistle a merry tune.

      Spring is very different for us this year. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus we are living in scary times. We have many Brothers and Sisters who have tested positive for this virus or are self-quarantined because they are suffering symptoms. Yet we have stepped up and shown we are still strong and united and dedicated to serving our customers. We are essential. We must be brave and courageous and continue to perform. Our customers depend on us. We deliver medicines and supplies to hundreds of thousands of people who can’t get out right now. We watch out for the people and neighborhoods on our routes. And no surprise we have been doing this for 245 years. We aren’t doing anything new.

      Through many wars we continue to deliver mail providing a crucial connection between families and their loved ones on the front lines. When hurricanes destroy entire cities Letter Carriers are some of the first to report to work to show our customers a sense of normalcy. Letter Carriers have continued to deliver mail in communities where wildfires have left their homes in ashes.

      When the city of San Francisco was destroyed by an earthquake in 1906, Letter Carrier and for-mer NALC President Frank Smith fought through the rubble to get to work along with fellow Carriers to re-establish delivery.

      The picture below is of a Letter Carrier delivering mail during the influenza epidemic of 1918. Does that mask look familiar? I’m not saying we should take this situation lightly. It is very serious. We must take all precautions to protect ourselves. It’s okay to be concerned. But continue to be strong. Being a union means we are a family. Together we are strong. Please keep the families, friends and coworkers of our fallen brothers and sisters in your thoughts and prayers and keep fighting the fight!





May 2020