Director of Retiree's Report

Mike Sheridan


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

      The date was December 15, 1973, and a young man knocked on the front window of the Sterling Heights Post Office and was met with the statement “We open at 8:30am”. My reply was “I’m supposed to start working here today”. Thus began a journey that would last 33 ½ years ending on June 2, 2007 retiring with my coworkers Ed Jackimowicz, and John “Wojo” Wojtuniecki. Mayor Notte of Sterling Heights would make an appearance and give us all certificates commending our work on behalf of the USPS. It is just like the sendoffs carriers receive now! Wait a minute! Doesn’t happen anymore? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!


      Have we lost that sense of humanity? I attended our Branch Social Night on October 22, 2023 and was award-ed my gold card along with Al Dybalski (Shelby) and Dorothy Wurth (Shelby). We were joined by eight new retirees that are now beginning the journey called retirement! I would hope these new retirees would join us every year as we celebrate the new retirees next year.


      Will these new retirees make it to gold card status?? Let’s hope so. Next year we will be giving Pat Carroll his gold card and last year Fred Rolando gave Jim Korolowicz his gold card. Time marches on and we must be vigilant in making sure that the USPS is around for the next 50 years. It rests on all our shoulders to remain vigilant to see that the USPS remains a part of the American fabric.



-- Mike Sheridan

Director of Retired Members

December 2023