Director of Retiree's Report


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

      As I write this article, we are amid an unprecedented pandemic not seen since the Spanish Flu of 1918. We are now at 65,735 dead in the US including, as of May 3, 4,049 deaths in Michigan and total Michigan cases of 43,754. The nationwide death toll includes Letter Carriers and other postal employees who struggle daily to do our essential work. We will get past this time and the devastation it has wreaked on our economy. It is a shame that this pandemic was not treated as one from the very beginning. How many lives could have been saved? How much could the economic impact have been lessened? History will dissect this time and it will not be pleasant for this administration I’m sure of that. A special shout out to all our active carriers who’ve bravely come to work to deliver the nation’s mail. I remember the encouraging looks and response we got from the public as they saw us delivering on September 11, 2001. Through it all (rain, sleet, snow, and gloom of night, and pandemics) we keep the nation connected.

      No one office holder has shown more tenacity than our own Governor Whitmer who shut down the schools early followed by the Stay Home Stay Safe executive order all while pleading for more federal help. She has kept us informed, failed to take on the nastiness of a vindictive President, and sought to provide meals for schoolchildren suffering without their school lunch programs. She achieves high marks in my book.


Presidential Candidates Set


      Joe Biden will be taking on Donald Trump on November 3rd in our presidential election. We will seek to inform you of the differences in these two candidates and their positions on postal issues. The April 2020 issue of the Postal record has Biden’s responses to our candidate surveys on postal issues. Donald Trump did not respond to the survey and has repeatedly dismissed questions regarding federal help for our institution. We will continue to keep you updated on the candidates positions on OUR issues and would hope that you would base your vote on the future of our jobs. Get better educated and make the right choice. Everyone in Michigan CAN Vote by Mail.

      Thanks to the measure called Voting Policies in State Constitution Initiative passed in the November 2018 election we can ALL vote absentee now! We can vote straight-ticket, we have automatic voter registration (whenever you interact with state agencies i.e. driver’s license) and SAME-DAY voter registration as well. For those working long hours and late hours this is the perfect reason to vote absentee. It will also al-low you to take your time looking over the ballot and study the proposals as well as down ballot candidates (judges and commissioners). All you need to do is go to and “download an absent voter application” and send that request to your local city or township clerk or call your clerk directly for an application. You can also request that you want ALL future elections to be absentee and it will set up this process for all elections. This could be a win-win not only for the USPS but also for all Letter Carriers trying to get to the polls on election day. It also combats those elected officials attempting to suppress the vote by closing precinct locations, reduce the number of voting booths at each location and repress our voting rights as citizens. Michigan now joins 28 other states and the District of Columbia that currently have “no excuse” absentee voting. It is YOUR right and we should all exercise it for an easier voting process.


-- Mike Sheridan

Director of Retiree's




May 2020