Director of Education's Report

John Serwach


Michigan State Association of Letter Carriers

There was disappointment as the deadline for contract negotiations between the NALC and the Postal

Service passed without resolution. There is now a 60 day mediation period after which if no  resolution is reached we will head to arbitration. Arbitration would most likely lead to a contract  award in early 2024.


I’d like to take a minute and thank everyone who traveled to our state convention and the delegates who supported the good work of this organization. Thank you for the faith you have shown in me and our newly elected and returning officers. Our 2025 convention will be in Traverse City and will mark the 125th anniversary of the first MISALC convention.


At our convention this year we discussed NALC’s numerous successes such as finally passing Postal

Reform and the end to the dreaded “pre-funding mandate” that held back our last several contracts. We also discussed the problems that potentially lay ahead.


Most of you have no doubt noticed rising interest rates and a decline in parcel volumes. While the economy is still strong consumers have been on a bit of a spending binge that has cooled significantly. It’s safe to say that there are some storm clouds on the horizon. At Convention we discussed how certain members of Congress and various think-tanks might start to criticize Postal Reform if the Postal Service faltered. While there is no doubt that there is trouble ahead, the best time to prepare is while times are still good. The Letter Carrier Political Fund is really “job insurance” and your best way to prepare. Your small donation can help keep us off the congressional radar. Remember, almost anything we negotiate could be taken away by Congress.


As predicted the right wing pundits and “think tanks” have already began to refer to last year’s Postal Reform bill as a “bailout”. The Hill ran a piece on May 9th from Paul Steidler of the Lexington Institute entitled The Imploding US Postal Service bailout ! Steidler suggests that the Postal Service will “run out of cash” in about “three years or so”.


Friens, this is not the kind of language that will help us at the bargaining table or in the halls of Congress. Once again, I’m asking you, if you haven’t signed up for our Political Fund please do so today. If you’re reading this odds are you already have and I thank you. If you know someone who’s interested or who wants to do more to ensure their future please give us their name and contact information. It’s really as simple as that- give us the info and leave the calling and talking to us. The time to prepare is now. Hope to hear from you soon.




-- John Serwach

Director of Education


July 2023